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Documentation V2

thallysondias - 1 month ago


I still use the pyro v2, is there any backup documentation?

It's very important to me.

fogartylee - 1 month ago

I also use v2 extensively - is it possible to download the old documentation?

enlivenapp - 1 month ago

I just recently found the docs had been removed when I needed to work on an existing site. I downloaded them and put on my server for folks who'd like to use it (including me).


Ryan, you're welcome to link to them if you like.

ryanthompson - 1 month ago

Documentation for v2 can be downloaded indefinitely from GitHub and also here: https://codeigniter.pyrocms.com/documentation

I ask that any docs taken from the site be kept behind public access @enlivenapp

huglester - 3 weeks ago

enlivenapp please create at least: http://enlivenapp.com/pyro22docs/robots.txt which will deny indexing of these docs.