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Form builder nested fields rules

hugogilmar - 2 weeks ago


I'm working on a module that handles nested attributes (user has one profile). How can I define nested form fields on the form builder?

See this example:

protected $fields = [
        "email" => [
            "label" => "my.module.user_account::field.email.label",
            "placeholder" => "my.module.user_account::field.email.placeholder",
            "instructions" => "my.module.user_account::field.email.instructions",
            "type" => "anomaly.field_type.email",
            "required" => true,
            "rules" => [
              "email" => "required|email|max:255"
        "profile[first_name]" => [
            "label" => "my.module.user_account::field.first_name.label",
            "placeholder" => "my.module.user_account::field.first_name.placeholder",
            "instructions" => "my.module.user_account::field.first_name.instructions",
            "type" => "anomaly.field_type.text",
            "required" => true,
            "rules" => [
              "profile.*.first_name" => "required|min:4|max:255"

I there an example how to handle those cases?.


ryanthompson - 2 weeks ago

Sounds like you need to use multi form builders.

Form A is a multi - and you add to it form B and C which a standard builders. Your multiple one should extend 'MultipleFormBuilder'.

Pages, posts and files module for example use multiple form builders.