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Repeater Field Type

riouske - 2 days ago

Hey guys,

I wonder is there anything similar to wordpress' https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/add-ons/repeater-field/ ?

carsonsuite - 2 days ago

Yes! If it's not out... it's in the works. :)

riouske - 2 days ago

Do you happen to know the place where can I see an alpha version? ;)

ryanthompson - 2 days ago

@riouske I do have one and it's very near finished - there's actually two. One powered by streams and one powered by blocks. But I am still working out some of the details. Both will be paid. I have a temporary store going up while Im working on the official Pyro store and it will have videos / documentation links for items as they go up ^_^

riouske - 2 days ago

@ryanthompson Thanks for the heads up, Ryan! Is there any ETA for those?

ryanthompson - 2 days ago

Not officially - as this store goes up (hopefully announcing that tomorrow) Ill be hot to trot to get these versioned and online. End of year I would say.

siemike - 22 hours ago

@ryanthompson Can I buy those early? I need the repeater for my ongoing project.

ryanthompson - 8 hours ago

@siemike of course - can you describe the needs of the input? Simple repeater? Multi-stream (add different rows). Which / what do you need?

riouske - 8 hours ago


I'm up to buying it too ;) As for me I need a multi stream one with a possibility to use another repeater as one of it's fields.

ryanthompson - 8 hours ago

Cool! Being that they are not 100% done though I just want to get an idea as to which to focus on ^_^

riouske - 7 hours ago

@ryanthompson Thanks, Ryan!