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Scout driver is breaking pages

pepijn - 4 days ago


So laravel 5.3 basically comes with Scout, a way to easily search your Eloquent model. In this project I'm working on, Scout is not really a requirement, so since we're not using it, I don't really care which driver is configured, whether it's null, or TNTSearch, as long as it's free.

Using TNTSearch, I frequently get error messages when navigating to a page or saving a model, please see the stacktrace attached: Seems like the table prefix is not always prepended

Using a NULL scout driver, I stop getting these error messages, but cannot use the login functionality; a valid scout driver is expected.

has anyone encountered similar problems or has an idea how I can resolve these errors ? thanks


ryanthompson - 4 days ago

Are you up to date?

pepijn - 3 days ago

@ryanthompson I should be, here's wat my composer.json looks like: https://s22.postimg.org/d4kjc70o1/project_composer_json_067001_puratos_salestool.png

ryanthompson - 3 days ago

And you get this error during your normal workflow on core addons? Nothing 3rd party custom messing with it?

pepijn - 1 day ago

@ryanthompson Nope! I have signed up for the Algolia free plan, and am using this driver instead (for now). This driver doesn't seem to cause any issues...

ryanthompson - 1 day ago

What's your environment look like? I've not heard of any problems in this area.