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PyroCMS is a modular, theme-able, lightweight CMS built with the popular PHP framework CodeIgniter. It is designed to be simple enough for any developer to create modules and for any end user to understand how it works.

We focus on simplicity and will avoid adding in “buzz” power features into a default installation that could confuse users. PyroCMS will make more sense to your clients than other systems, giving you more time to work on new sites instead of supporting old ones.

v3.0 - Develop

This is the develop version of 3.0. This version should only be used for development purposes right now.

v2.2.0 - Stable

This is the stable version that you should be using on your websites. We'll always support the stable version and suggest if you're on anything else that you upgrade as soon as you can.

v2.1.x - Legacy

We still support this version but we suggest that you upgrade to 2.2.x as soon as you can. If you are starting a new project then definitely choose v2.2.x

v2.0.x - Legacy

Legacy documentation available for the 2.0.x branch.


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