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PyroSnippets by Adam Fairholm

PyroSnippets allows users to create and manage small snippets of reusable content for their site. Useful for giving clients access to small chunks of content that are not page content and can be edited as text, WYSIWYG, and HTML content.

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Change Log

Contains updates for compatibility with PyroCMS 2.2.x
Version 2.2.2
2.2.2 – February 8, 2012

Updated to PyroCMS slug generator (Thanks Bojch)!
Refined UX for snippet setup (Thanks Bojch)!
Updated the folder structure for easier uploading via control panel
Updated Slovenian language (Thanks kubis)!

Full changelog:
Version 2.3
2.3 - February 8, 2013

Use with: PyroCMS 2.1.x

* Added support for three status levels for snippets: public, logged in users only, and hidden
* Added support for cloud files in the image snippet
* Changed output of image snippet to the file ID. Please see usage section above for more details
* Added option to choose Simple or Advanced WYWIYG editor
* Updates for compatability with PyroCMS 2.1.5

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