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Project Highlight: LINE-X®



I recently had the pleasure of advising for a developer in the community who was in charge of building a comprehensive experience for LINE-X® and it's various audiences.

The project was led by Ryan McDaniels. Find @ramcda in the PyroCMS Slack Team.

No core files were harmed in the making of this project.

Let's take a look at how they leveraged a single unaltered installation of PyroCMS to develop a world class experience for multiple audiences.

PyroCMS as a CMS

One aspect of the project of course was the website. Pages, files, content, etc.

LINE-X® however uses a block system to help their internal team manage their pages with the help of beautiful, customizable, pre-built blocks that provide a drag/drop experience to assemble rich pages painlessly.

By building a custom page_handler extension and a custom field-type developers were able to incorporate their blocks module directly into PyroCMS' existing pages module.

One of the challenges in developing the website was shear amount of custom work to be done. PyroCMS' automated workflow cut countless hours off the time needed to build the rich control panel needed for all of the data management.

Another huge benefit was PyroCMS' transparency with Laravel. There was a fair amount of work that, while still wrapped into addons, PyroCMS played a backseat role to Laravel and other third-party packages. The LINE-X® location search leverages a mix of Laravel and PyroCMS that would be only a pipe dream in other platforms.

Pyrocms as a Franchise Portal

Every one of the 600+ LINE-X® franchise locations are leveraging the LINE-X® franchise site-builder powered by PyroCMS.

With a similar block based experience franchise owners can build powerful, attractive, lead generating websites.

During the first day of the launch hundreds of leads were generated and collected in the franchise portal for owners to login and manage. With a full featured sales funnel franchises could capitalize on leads like never before. The entire control panel experience was re-branded and looked amazing!

PyroCMS left it's CMS namesake far behind and showed it's true colors in the franchise portal. It was pretty awesome to take it for a test drive during development!

PyroCMS as a Distributed Platform

With the amount of traffic LINE-X® attracts PyroCMS was deployed into a fully distributed system. I personally have never setup PyroCMS 3 in any such environment but I was pleased to hear it was a painless task.

Final Thoughts

This project was an absolute pleasure to follow along. It also helped validate the fruits of nearly two years of my life building PyroCMS. These guys took PyroCMS and went DEEP with it.. and absolutely rocked it.. it was awesome.

- Ryan